e2 Mrs. Zeigler
Bamberg-Ehrhardt High School  
We are starting a new nine weeks period. Please make the effort to improve your work and study habits. Many of you will need a minimum of an 80 average this nine weeks to pass the course. Only hard work will get that kind of a grade.

Computer/composition assignment:

We will return to the library next week for you to complete your letter of condolence.

I have added activities to help you study for your vocbulary tests. Check each week for updated lessons. I will try to have the new words available by the end of the day on Fridays.

Dates to remember:
*Oct. 24-Unit Test on The Pearl
*Oct. 26-Voc. Test on Lessons 15 & 16

Begin thinking about topics for your research paper. We will talk about possible topics and requirements next week.

We will also begin reading and studying poetry.  I will be adding links with practice for poetry terms and defintions.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Short Story Terms
Voc. Lessons 13 & 14
English II Voc. Lessons 15 & 16
Useful links
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