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Southeastern Louisiana University Spring 2001 classes SLU
Hello, Spring 2001 Techsters!
Notice I have a practice final exam and some practice Quia games for you to get comfortable with the final exam.
I also have a SCRTEC track with 11 things you can have your students do if they finish early. Spend some time looking at these Quia activities, SCRTEC tracks and other links for you to use.
Be sure to notice that the last link is to a second page of Quia's and SCRTEC's. So many great activities!
God bless teachers!
Your Tech Teach, Lynn
I have started putting Spring Showcase items on this page! Congratulations to the early eager TECHSTERS!

I have started posting the 305 and 643 FINAL EXAM HERE!

My Quia activities and quizzes
Educ 643 Spring 2001Hangman game for the FINAL EXAM
Hangman game for the Spring Educ 305 and 643 Final Exam!
Spring 2001 Final Exam 305/643
FINAL EXAM build site Spring 2001 Educ 305 and 643
Educ 305/643 Jumble Word Game #1 Demonstration
A Simple Jumble Word Puzzle that can be used to review for the FINAL EXAM.
The 9 Planets Scavenger Hunt Hangman Game!
Hangman game for the 9 Planets Lesson Plan
Scavenger Hunt of the 9 Planets
9 Planets Scavenger Hunt for Lesson Plan
Fall 1999 Practice Final - Education 643, 675, 676
Sample Quiz Fall 1999
Educ 305/643 FINAL EXAM
FINAL EXAM build site Spring 2000
Educ 305/643 FINAL EXAM Practice Game
Play 4 Games using course vobabulary! THIS IS THE EASIEST ONE TO CREATE!
Educ 643 Spring 2000 Pop-Up FINAL EXAM Practice
Play my POP-UP game with terms from the the class!
Useful links
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