eaglescience Ms. Elliott
Nottoway Middle School 8th Grade- Eagles Team
Hello, again, everyone,

If you've been checking back regularly, you know it's been a few weks since I have updated this letter.

It's now February 12, 2001.  In a little over 2 weeks it will be March.  Can you believe that?  We have a lot of territory to cover before the SOL tests in May.

We start our practice with the EduTest on the computer today.  We will be taking Part 1 of the Virginia State Science Grade 8 Test.

Tuesday will  be the day we test on all of the chemical symbols we have been studying-  all 40 on our list.  You can still find the practice games and activities AND QUIZ on this site.

We are also starting our thoughts and plans for our science project.  In the next couple of days you will be required to give me 3 topics of interest to you that you can work with cheaply in Nottoway County.

Friday, we will have the final test on Chapter 16.  Study, please.
My Quia activities and quizzes
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Chemical Symbols
Symbols TEST 1
QUIZ 11: session chapter 11 drill
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