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Davis Drive Elementary Language Arts and Social Studies
Monday, Feb. 4,2002
Reading: Prepare for literature circle chapter 14
         Bring in your library books
SS: History page # 15 The U.S. Constitution
    Review chapter 13 for an open book quiz
    Extra credit Preamble memory work is due tomorrow.

Tuesday, Feb. 5, 2002
Reading:  Students will turn in thier literature circle folders with the completed work for each chapter.

Book report assignments were given out today. The book report is due on Feb. 22.

SS: Students will have an open book test on chapter 13 tomorrow. Students in Mr. Courtine's homeroom will complete the chapter review and the vocabulary review found on page 361.

Thursday, Feb. 7, 2001
Reading: Nothing! Use this time to work on your book report reading!
SS: History page 16, The World of Thomas Jefferson. Students  should also bring in page 15, The United States Constitution. I will check for both of these pages tomorrow.

Students should return the tests they received today in class and have them signed.

Current Events are due tomorrow.

Writing: The Olympic Research typed paper is due tomorrow.

Upcoming events:
Current Events article is due on Friday, Feb. 8
Book orders are due on Friday, Feb. 15
Book report due on Friday, Feb. 22
Washington DC trip:  April 24 and 25

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Remember My Name Ch 1-7
Indian Captive Ch. 12-16
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