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Welcome the the ESOL Biology web page.
Below are the links to the final questions. All of the multiple choice questions that will be on your final exam are in the links below. The only questions that will be on your final that are not on this web site are the question involving pictures. Please make sure you study the follwoing pictures: Invertebrate and Vertebrate Identification, Digestive system, Respiratory system, and the excretory system.

Make sure you are on time for the final. It will take you the entire class to take it. If you are late, you do not get make up time.

When you come for the final, bring both of your final review guides to turn in. Thses will be the last two grades of the nine-weeks. Also bring your vocabulary lists to use on the final. ONLY Vocab list, no books, notes or old worksheets.

Final Exam schedule:
        May 29:2nd and 6th Hour Exams
        May 30:1st Hour Exams (early releasesfor graduation)
        May 31: 4th and 7th Hour Exams
        June 1: 3rd and 5th Hour Exams

Good Luck and study hard!
                  Mr. E
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