earlyamhistory Mrs. Hartman
Greeneview High School American History Teacher
American History 1-2/4-5; 7-8 H
Monday 10-11-99
In class:  review with crossword puzzle
Test:  Chapter 10, multiple choice, matching
Homework:  Chapter 11, Sec. 1. Answer Section Preview Objectives, including terms;  Sec. 2.  Do the worksheet for Sec. 2.
Honors:  Add Q. 5 pg. 319 for Sec. 1; add pg. 326 Q. 2-5 for Sec. 2
Tuesday 10-12-99
In class:  check in and go over homework, add some discussion and questions from Sec. 1 review.
Homework:  Sec. 3.  Answer Section Preview Objectives 1-4, Page 332, Q 3.;  Sec. 4 Take notes including terms, Q. 2-3
Honors:  Add discussion of reality of Northern and Southern views of slavery.  Add Q. 3,5 for Sec. 3.  Add Q. 2,3,5 for Sec. 4
Wednesday  10-13-99
In class:  check in and go over homework, add Q. 5 for disc.
Review and study for Chapter 11 Test on Thursday.
Homework:  Study for test
Honors:  Add discussion of Q.'s in class
Thursday  10-14-99
Test:  Chapter 11, multiple choice, matching, essay
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Homework:  None for the long weekend!
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