Henrico High School
Welcome to the Wonderful World of Earth Science!

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Earth Science!!

Mr. Beverly, Insructor

"Why is the sky blue? Where do rivers come from? What makes lightning? How deep is the ocean? Why do the seasons change? These and other questions about the natural world have captured human imagination since earliest times".--Beyond Books

We are currently studying

WEEK             TOPIC                      SOL  

Sept 5       Introductory materials          ES.1,ES.2. K-12 Safety

Sept 12      Lab Safety and Procedures      ES.1,ES.2. K-12 Safety
             Scientific Method,Experimental

QUIZ ON SOL  ES.1 AND ES.2  Scientific Method,Experimental Design

Sept 19      Mapping and Landforms          ES.3 (ALSO ES.8)

Sept 26      Mapping and Landforms          ES.3 (ALSO ES.8) 

QUIZ ON SOL ES.3(ALSO ES.8)  Mapping and Landforms

Oct 3         Minerals                        ES.5

Oct 10       Minerals and Rocks              ES.5, ES.6

Oct 18      QUIZ ON SOL Rocks and Minerals   ES.5, ES.6

Dec  Natural Resources and Energy
Dec /Jan Plate Tectonics

Grades will be calculated according to the following categories:

Class work—20%
Warm up—5%

The grading scale for Henrico County is:

93-100         A
92-85         B
84-77         C
76-70         D
69-below F

Tutoring will be held on Tuesday and Thursday by appointment.



1. Students will bring to class everyday the following items:

  • a. Dell Computer (charged)
    b. A loose leaf  notebook (binder)
    c. Pencil or pen (blue or black ink)
    d. Colored pencils
    e. Metric Ruler
    f. Four function calculator

2. Students must have a safety contract on file and have paid the $4.00 science fee.
3. Students must be on time each day and in their seats before the bell rings.
4. Sharpen pencils and begin daily warm-up before the bell rings.
5. Students are required to be courteous and respectful to their peers and instructors.
6. Students must get permission before leaving their assigned seats.
7. Students are required to turn in all assignments on time.  Each day it is late, twenty points off.
8. Students are responsible for getting make up work for excused absences.

My Quia activities and quizzes
Rock and Fossil Record
Minerals Chapter 4 Section 1
XII. Earth's Crust Battleship
Rags to Riches: Weathering and Soil
Ocean Motion
XII. Earthquake Hangman
Glencoe Chapter 3 Review Quiz
Ocean Motion
Earth Science flashcards (Astronomy)
1-4 Kinds of Microscopes
"Sea-Floor Spreading" matching, flashcards, concentration, word search
Rock And Fossi Record 2
Geologic Time Line
Minerals Chapter 4 Section 1
Chapter 1, section 1 "Earth's Interior" Hangman
HES Tarbuck Chapter 1 Test [Atoms, Elements, Minerals]
Chemical Elements and their Symbols
40 Element Symbols
Atomic Structure Jeopardy
Element Symbols
organic chemistry prefixes
Rocks and Minerals "Who wants to be a worthless millionairre?"
Chapter1-5: The Theory of Plate Tectonics
XII. Plate Boundaries Millionaire
Chapter 1, section 4, "Sea-Floor Spreading" Picture Perfect-Ordering
Plate Tectonics theory - (Harshbarger)
Inside Earth Chapter 3-2 Volcanic Activity
Energy Resources
Name That Rock
Earth Science- Chapter 9 Water Moving Underground
Ch. 11 Flashcards, Matching, Concentration, and Word Search
The Earth's Atmosphere
Atmospheric Heating
Atmospheric Heating
Astronomy vocabulary
Astronomy Millionaire
Earth Science Stars & Galaxies Sun & Evolution of Stars
Stars, Galaxies, and the Universe
Earth, Moon, Stars
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