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Henry Middle School Social Studies - 7th Grade
          Homework -  25% of 6-week grade
          Classwork - 25% of 6-week grade
          Project -   25% of 6-week grade
          Sponges -    5% of 6-week grade
          Journal -   10% of 6-week grade
          Tests -     10% of 6-week grade

     Each day (Tuedays - Fridays), when students enter the classroom, there will be an assignment on the overhead.  It is usually a short riddle, rebus, or logic puzzle related to geography.  Students are to use their spiral notebook for daily entries.

     Students will keep a daily entry in their spiral notebooks.  They should have their assignments copied down, the daily sponge and any notes I give them for the day.  Students will study from their spiral notebooks and graded papers in preparation for their tests.

     All students will keep a journal in a Mead Composition book.  A journal topic will be on the overhead each and every Monday.  Students are to copy the topic down and write about and illustrate the topic in their journal.  Journals are due each and every Friday.  This activity is a fundamental component to prepare the students for the writing section of the CSAP test administered during the second semester. The weekly journal grade will be part of the final grade.

     Since the CSAP tests are completed, I am no longer assigning journal topics.  I will continue to give assignments that require writing, and I expect the students to write in complete sentences and use complete paragraphs when the question requires examples.

     Last week students completed their 5th and final social studies project for the school year. The title of the project was "My Favorite European Country."  I hope everyone had a chance to see the rubric that the students should have brought home about 6 weeks ago.  In order to earn an "A"  students had to research a country in Europe and complete a research worksheet, complete both front and back sides of a poster that was provided to them, write a 7 paragraph report, and give an oral presentation to the class.  We completed all oral presentations on Friday, March 16, 2001. 

     Although we have completed studying the continent of Europe, we will revisit the continent after I bring back pictures from my trip over the spring break.  I am leaving for Germany on 3/21/01 and returning on 3/31/01.  During that time I will be visiting, Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic.  I will take a lot of pictures and share them with the students upon my return. 

     Since my spring break will be extended by a week, your students have been left with work on Africa.  They will be reading a magazine about Africa and will have numerous worksheets including physical and political maps to work on during class time.  No homework has been assigned.  When I return we will begin our unit on Egypt. 

     This summer I am fortunate enough to be able to return to Europe and take an extended vacation to visit the countries of Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic.  I wish I had the opportunity to share those experiences with the students.
     Now it is with great sadness, that I must inform you that I will not be returning to Henry Middle School next year.  It is time for a change and at this time, I do not know where I will be teaching.  It has been a privilege and an honor to teach your children during the past 5 years.  I will miss all of my students.
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