easthardinjohnson Mrs. J.
East Hardin Middle School English and Reading teacher
Welcome to our class webpage!  I hope to use this site to keep you informed (and perhaps entertained) as we spend this school year together.  Listen in class for announcements concerning the development of the page, and let me know what you think!

Well, as of today, we have only 14 school days remaining!   It has been a great year at East Hardin, but I am ready for a break, and I know my students are, as well.  We still have many demonstration speeches to go, though!  So far, we have eaten everything from chocolate-cake cookies to tuna-noodle salad, and we've learned about magic tricks and skateboarding and so many other things . . . it's so exciting to see my students showcase their talents!  This is truly my favorite time of the school year, and I think my kids feel the same way. 

The Disney trip was a huge success!  We learned about physics, the beginning of our nation, and habitats, and we RODE RIDES and GOT WET and WALKED OUR LEGS OFF and some people experienced an airplane ride for the first time!  I am still worn out, but I am happy to say it was the best 8th grade Disney trip we've ever had.  My students were all so well-behaved and fun to be around . . . it was as close to perfect as it could have been.  I only regret that we couldn't see it all in such a short time!  Fellow Disney travelers, a big THANK YOU from Mrs. J.!!!

There are many activities coming up in the next few weeks, and one I hope you all will attend is the 2nd annual 8th grade awards ceremony and dance on June 2nd.  Contrary to popular belief, it's not a PROM, so don't go out and spend a fortune on fancy clothes and restaurant meals and such, but plan to dress in your "Sunday best", bring your family, and share these last few days with your fellow classmates at East Hardin.  Class of 2004, we'll miss you!

See ya in the Pig Pen!

---Mrs. J.
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