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History 12/4

Johann Sebatian Bach (1685-1750)
Career musician in Lutheran Germany
Job positions
Organist at: 1. Arnstadt (1703-7) and 2. Muhlhausen (1707-8)

Court organist and, later, concertmaster in the chapel of the duke of Weimar (1708-17)

music director at he court of a prince in Cothen (1717-23)

Final position as Cantor of St. Thomas’s School and music director in Leipzig (1723-50)

-Bach was from a large family of musicians and composed in all genres except opera.
-Primarily wrote to fulfill positions he held thus at:
Arnstadt, Muhlhausen, and Weimar: organ works
Cothen (nothing to do with church): works for clavier and instrumental ensembles,
music for instruction and domestic entertainment
Leipzig: Cantatas and church music

Bach’s first teachers were his father (a town musician in Eisenach) and older brother Johann Christoph (an organist and pupil of Pachelbel)

Also spent a great deal of time studying, copying, and arranging compositions of other composers such as Vivaldi, Corelli, and Buxtehude.  
History 12/5

George Frideric Handel (1685-1759)
-University of Halle
-1703-Hamburg:  Orchestral violinist, later harpsichordist at the opera
-1706-1710-Tour of Italy: Florence, Venice, Naples, Rome
-1710-1719-Betwen London and Germany
-1719-Death-England w/various: Royal Academy of Music in London

-Most Well Known Piece: Messiah

-career principally in opera
1.  Giulio Cesare
2.  Rodelinda
3.  Tamerland

-Instrumental Music
-Water Music
-Music for the Royal Fireworks
-6 Concerti Grossi

-Chamber Music and Music For Keyboard
My Quia activities and quizzes
Major Key Signatures
Review and intro to Baroque, 10/23
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