eckerd Eckerd Drug Quiz Team
North Syracuse Junior High School Mrs. Soscia, Mrs. Van and Mrs. Anthony
Hi, Eckerd Drug Team Members:

Welcome to the Quia! website.  We hope you use this site as a preparation tool for the January/February competition.  We will keep adding new and interesting games, quizzes and activities for you. 

To log onto the first quiz use this login name: Eckerd #1, the second quiz login name is Eckerd #2. Each quiz session should be attempted at least twice per team member.  You can take the quiz more than twice if you want and see how you score improves.  During our weekly meetings we will keep you informed of the teams progress.

Thanks for being a member of the team.  Have fun.

Mrs. Soscia, Mrs. Van and Mrs. Anthony
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eckerd #1
Eckerd Drug Quiz Number One
eckerd #2
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