econdebate Mrs. McTavish
  Summer School Econ
Economic Issue Debate

You should have your topic by now and be ready to go. Remember, this is a pro/con (for/against) debate. Your task is to find opposing viewpoints on your issue. It will be helpful for all four members of the debate team to work togeher to share sources.

You will be writing a three page paper on this topic. While only three sources are required, the more sources you have the easier it will be to write your paper.

While you are writing on the same topic as one other person, I expect original work from each individual. Plagerism will result in course failure.

Due today: Your three sources - MLA format citations

Below are some very useful links. I have checked to make sure that all of the topics assigned have enough information. These are the sites I found most usefull. It would be a wise use of your time to go to these first.
Useful links
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