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Luray High School Physical Science 8th Grade

Eighth Grade Physical Science is a fast paced overview of the most practical branch of home and school science. The course contains 26 chapters and must be completed by the SOL testing period in May. Due to normal interruptions (both scholastic and weather related) the pace is about 1 chapter per week with a chapter test every Thursday (science test day). It is imperative that students READ EACH CHAPTERas they do their assignments. This will allow them to better understand the chapter information and provide a basis for discussion as we check the daily assignments. Work is checked almost every day and assignments are collected on test day. In this way, the students can study their work until the day of the test. This comprehensive product proves a complete chapter exposure and serves as a reference report for later tests or future science courses. This method also reinforces the format needed in producing a proper science report and allows for standardization of the report format as well as producing a venue for creativity, precision and extra credit. Teacher comments on each report remind students of  missing items or corrections needed in spelling, completeness and neatness. Computer and graphic arts are encouraged and rewarded as well. Parents may view these projects and notice the consistency of required chapter data and assist (not do) their child with required assignments. lectures, demonstrations, computer sessions, library activities, and labs complete chapter exposure each week. All classwork and testing is SOL and IEP related and this is posted on the board and updated each day. Students are constantly encouraged to do well to strengthen their personal feelings of self worth. They are praised and graded for their efforts both as an individual and as a group and I am very proud of them and tell them so often. Please feel free to contact me at LHS or at home (743-6730) to discuss student related needs or assistance.

We are currently in the "Chemistry" section of the course and in 4 academic weeks we will enter the "Matter and Energy" phase in Chapter 12. Chapters 12-26 will be covered between December 2000 and May 2001. May and June 2001 will be application months where applied projects will reinforce the preceeding lessons of  the academic year.

Regarding a "Science Fair". As of this date, 11/7/00 I have not been informed that we will have one. Should one be required, I will work with students before or after school to assist them in a successful completion of their project.
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Chapter 12- What is Motion??????
It's a very MOVING experience!!!
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