The Graveyard Book-Questions
Falcon Cove Middle Gifted Reading-6th Grade
Chapter 1: How Nobody Came to the Graveyard

1. Why did the man Jack visit the tall house on the side of the hill? How did he track his prey?
2. How did the baby manage to escape the fate of his family?
3. Why did Mistress Owens feel an obligation to protect the baby? How did she and the mysterious stranger named Silas save him?
4. How did the baby get his name? How did Mr. and Mrs. Owens and Silas propose to raise him?
5. Who was the Lady on the Grey? How did she help settle the dispute in the graveyard?
6. Why did Silas pay a visit to the tall house on the side of the hill? How did he react to his discovery?

Chapter 2: The New Friend

1. Why was Bod confined to the graveyard?
2. How did Bod learn to read and write even though he did not attend school?
3. How did Scarlett and Bod become friends? Why were Scarlett's parents convinced that Bod must be an imaginary playmate?
4. Why did Bod visit Caius Pompeius? What did he learn about the oldest inhabitant of the graveyard?
5. What discoveries did Bod and Scarlett make in the barrow?
6. Who was the Sleer? How and what did it guard and protect?
7. Why was Silas doubtful that Bod would ever see Scarlett again? What parting thought did Scarlett leave with Bod?

Chapter 3: The Hounds of God

1. Why did Silas ask Miss Lupescu to serve as Bod’s temporary guardian? How did Bod feel about this arrangement?
2. What is a ghoul-gate and how could you spot one in a graveyard? Why was Bod willing to pass through the gate?
3. How did the ghoul’ behavior toward Bod change once he entered their kingdom?
4. Why did Bod feel that he was “between the devil and the deep blue sea” as he was being carried in Victor Hugo’s sack?
5. How did Miss Lupescu’s lesson prove useful to Bod?
6. What surprising discovery did Bod make about Miss Lupescu? How did she fulfill her mission?

Chapter 4: The Witch’s Headstone

1. Why had Bod been warned to stay away from the far corner of the graveyard?
2. Why was Mr. Pennyworth disappointed in Bod’s progress?
3. Why had Liza Hempstock’s neighbors determined that she was a witch? How did Liza get her revenge?
4. Why did Bod return to the barrow? How did he plan to use one of the treasures guarded by the Sleer?
5. How did Bod display courage in the face of the Sleer?
6. Why did Abanazer Bolger believe that Bod had presented him with two kinds of treasure?
7. Why did Abanazer Bolger invite Bod into the back room for tea and a chat?
8. Why did Liza thank Bod for doing the first nice thing in five hundred years?
9. How did Liza help Bod escape from the locked room? How did Bod help himself?
10. How did Silas, the Sleer and Mr. Owens each react when Bod returned to the graveyard?

Chapter 5: Danse Macabre

1. Why did Mistress Owens push Bod out into the cold?
2. How did the living prepare to dance the Macabre?
3. Why did Bod suddenly feel a sense of panic in the graveyard? What helped him overcome his fears?
4. What surprising event happened at the stroke of midnight?
5. How did Bod feel as he danced? How did these feelings change after the dance with the lady in the cobweb dress?
6. How did the inhabitants of the graveyard respond to Bod’s questions after the dance?
7. Why did the silver-haired man at the dinner criticize the man Jack?

Chapter 6: School Days

1. Why did Bod have an altercation with one of the dead inhabitants of the graveyard?
2. Why did Silas believe that Bod should stay in the graveyard? How did Bod convince Silas that he should be allowed to attend school?
3. Why was Bod “a forgettable and easily forgotten” student at first?
4. How did Bod become noticed at school?
5. What techniques of the dead did Bod use to try and convince Mo and Nick to change their behavior? How effective were they?
6. Why did Bod consider running away? How did Liza convince Bod to change his mind?
7. Why did the police want to take Bod to the station house?
8. How did Bod manage to escape from the police?
9. Why did Bod return to Old Town School one last time?
10. What compromise did Bod and Silas reach that could expose Bod to future dangers?

Chapter 7: Every Man Jack

1. Why did Mrs. Owens fear for Bod?
2. Why was Scarlett's mother upset when she learned how her daughter met Mr. Frost?
3. Why had Scarlett experienced a feeling of deja vu when she was in the graveyard?
4. How did Scarlett become reacquainted with Bod? What unusual powers did Scarlett seem to possess?
5. At the age of fourteen, what bothered Bod most about his life among the dead?
6. Why did Scarlett visit the public library? What did she learn?
7. What surprising discovery did Bod make about Mr. Frost?
8. Why did Jack of All Trades want to kill Bod?
9. How did Silas, Miss Lupescu and other members of the Honour Guard protected Bod from the Jacks?
10. How did Bod save himself from the remaining five Jacks?
11. Why did Silas take away some of the memories of Scarlett and her mother?
12. Why was the triumph (win) over the Jacks a bittersweet (good and bad) experience for Bod?

Chapter 8: Leavings and Partings

1. How did Bod's experiences in the graveyard gradually begin to change?
2. How did Mother Slaughter's recollection of Bod's arrival in the graveyard differ from actual events?
3. Why did Bod's adoptive parents feel ill at ease when they met Bod at their tomb?
4. Why did Silas feel that Bod was ready for a change?
5. How did Bod's visits with Alonso Jones help prepare him for the next chapter of his life?
6. How did Bod feel as he walked through the graveyard gate one last time?
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