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Welcome to my webquest.  This week we will continue covering the alphabet.  We will be concentrating on the letter "M".  This week during class we will be doing some fun activities and games dealing with the letter "M".  You can use this page to help learn more about the letter "M".  I have provided several links for you to try out or look at.  I think you will enjoy these links.

During your free time at school or home you will need to do at least 2 games that are provided on this page.  You are also required to use 4 of the links that I have provided for you.  You may do more than is required.

Each activity has its own set of directions to follow.  You will need to print out each completed activity for a grade.  The links that you use will also need to be printed.  Some of the links you will need to color after you print them. 

Each student will be evaluated after they turn in their printed pages from the sites and games.  Each student should turn in at least 2 games and at least 4 link pages.

Using the games and links provided each student should get a better understanding of the letter "M" and other letters of the alphabet.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Working with the letter "M"
Trivial M's
"M" words
Useful links
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