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El esquema de la clase

Unit 1: El espanol en el mundo
Vocabulary: Greetings and farewells, question words, months, days, dates, weather, adjectives of color, personality, and physical characteristics. Grammar: Making and answering questions, the forms and uses of ser, estar, and hay, present tense of regular verbs. Culture: Greeting people, geography of Spanish speaking countries.

Unit 2: El viaje
Vocabulary: Packing suitcase, using the telephone, making resorvations, the hotel, transportation, careers. Grammar: Asking directions, prepositions, the present tense of regular and irregular verbs TU vs. UD. Culture: Passport and customs, 24 hour time, money exchange.

Unit 3: Hay de comer
Vocabulary: Food, the resturant, the table, careers. Grammar: Comparatives and superlatives, stem changing verbs POR vs. PARA. Culture: Food, snacks, table manners, the menu, setting the table.

Unit 4: En el centro
Vocabulary: Places, shopping, careers. Grammar: The regular preterite, the irregular preterite or IR, SER, and TENER. Culture: Public transportation, signs and addresses, shopping, sizes.

Unit 5: El recreo
Vocabulary: Concerts, sports, the beach, camping, the park, the amusement park, careers. Grammar: IR, IR+A, INFINITIVE in the present and preterite, review of preterite, preterite of JUGAR, TOCAR, HACER, PONER, QUERER. Culture: Spanish music, soccer, jai-alai, bullfighting.

Unit 6: Mis planes para el futuro
Vocabulary: Applying for a job, the parts of a letter, education, adjectives of character, career vocabulary chosen by students. Grammar: Review of the present and preterite, review of IR + A + INFINITIVE. Culture: Classified ads, using a dictionary.

Unit 7: La rutina diaria
Vocabulary: reflexive verbs, clothing, personal artcles, the work world. Grammar: Reflexive verbs. Culture: The meals, work hours, the siesta.

For all Spanish II students in Mrs. Creekmore's class, please feel free to use your unit outline sheet given to you at the begining of the year.

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