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Welcome to Chemistry for the 2018 - 2019 school year. Chemistry is an exciting yet challenging branch of the physical sciences. Be prepared to work academically! After all, there is a reason chemistry is referred to as the central science. Hopefully, the course will provide you with the basics of chemistry as well as the role chemistry plays in everyday life.

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PERIOD ONE (1) CLASSES - If a TEST falls on a Monday, Wednesday, or Friday; students may start the test at 7:25 if they choose to do so by arriving early.

All QUIZZES and FORMATIVE ASSESSMENTS are; located at the bottom of the class webpage.

Formative Assessments - These do not count for your grade! They are to shape your learning. Make sure you DO NOT mistake a formative assessment for one that you are to take for grade!!!!

Tentative Agenda - subject to change

Tues. 4/23 - Introduce Ch. 8 - molecular compounds ------------ Atomic orbitals, molecular orbitals, bond energy, bond character, electronegativity ------------------------ PPT notes Ch. 8

Wed. 4/24 - Polarity in molecules, Lewis structures of molecules

Thurs. 4/25 - Resonance --------------- Lewis structure practice

Fri. 4/26 - Names and formulas of molecular compounds ------------------- Definitions, properties of acids and bases

Mon. 4/29 - QUIZ - Section 8.1 - on-line 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. ---------------- Names of acids --------------- HW Pg. 225 L. Chk 8.1 #1 - 6; Pg. 229 #7, 8; and Pg. 233 #9, 10

Tues. 4/30 - Molecular geometry ----------------- Review HW

Wed. 5/1 - QUIZ - Acids and Bases - includes bases, names, formulas, and properties --------------------- Sigma and pi bonding --------------- HW - Complete wksht on Lewis structures Thurs. 5/2 - Quiz - Section 8.2 - on-line from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. ------------------- Paper Lab Paper on formulas and oxidation numbers - a TYPED lab report is due on Wednesday.5/8. The report includes: Name(s), Date Performed, Title; The three column table with 15 combining substances (ten from the lab and five of your own); Number and respond to all conclusion questions and all further investigation questions; AND include a sheet of GLUED ions representing YOUR five compounds (these appear in the table as well). Make sure they are identified (named) on the sheet. USE the SUBSCRIPT function on your computer. (Ctrl and +/= in Word.

Fri. 5/3 - I will not be in school today. Please complete all assigned work for Monday. And, do a quality job. Lewis structures

Mon. 5/6 - QUIZ - Section 9.3 - on-line 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. ------------------------ HW - Complete wksht - Names and Formulas Molecular Compounds

Tues. 5/7 - QUIZ - Names and formulas molecular compounds ------------------ Wed. 5/8 - Review HW ----------------- Review last test

Thurs. 5/9 - Discuss VB theory, hybridization and sigma/pi bonding ------------- HW Complete second worksheet on molecular geometry

Fri. 5/10 - QUIZ - Lewis Structures and Geometry -------------

Mon. 5/13 - Properties and intermolecular forces cont'd ------------- Polarity

Tues. 5/14 - KEYSTONES - Complete notes in Pd. 3 ---------- Network solids

Wed. 5/15 - Unfortunately, I will not be in school today. ------------------ KEYSTONES - Complete notes in Pd. 5 ---------------- Network solids ------------------ Introduce Chapter 10 - Mole - definition of a mole

Thurs. 5/16 - Review wksht intermolecular forces ------------------- Introduce Chapter 10 - Mole - definition of a mole ----------------- HW - Pgs. 256/257 #39 - 63 for period 3 and Pgs. 256/257 #49 - 75 for period 5

Fri. 5/17 - LAB - Precipitate reactions -------------- A TYPED lab report is due Thursday, 5/23 - To Include: Name(s), date performed, and Title; Purpose; Data table; Conclusion is just the BALANCED ionic chemical equation for those reactions that actually occurred (formed a precipitate). Use the subscript and superscript function on your computer!!!! For WORD - subscript is ctrl and +/= keys; superscript is ctrl, shift, and +/= . For example: 2 Fe+3 + 3 SO42- --------------> Fe2(SO4)3 . NOTE: If a reaction occurred, it was because the metal of the compounds at the top of the data table combined with the negative ion of the compounds on the left of the grid.

Mon. 5/20 - TEST - Ch. 8 and 9.3 -------------------- Study Guide

Tues. 5/21 - Introduce the mole ------------------- Mole conversions

Wed. 5/22 - Molar mass and mole conversions ------------------ HW - Wksht Molar Mass and Mole Conversions - A (even numbers); All of B, C, and D

Thurs. 5/23 - More mole conversions ------------------ HW - Wksht 2 on mole conversions - #1 - 15

Fri. 5/24 - No School??????????????

Mon. 5/27 - HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY - Enjoy the day.......

Tues. 5/28 - QUIZ - Mole Conversions and Molar Mass --------------- Percentage composition Practice with % composition

Wed. 5/29 - Complete % composition ------------------ HW - Wksht on % composition -#1 through #6

Thurs. 5/30 - Review % composition HW ------------------ Empirical formula calculation --------------- HW - Pg. 331 #39, 40 and Pg. 340 #88, 90

Fri. 5/31 - Review empirical formula calculation ------------ Molecular formula calculation

NOTE: See Canvas for Additional FORMATIVE ASSESSMENTS!!

Mon. 6/3 - Balancing equations --------------- HW - Wksht on balancing equations #1 - #25

Mon. 6/3 - SENIOR FINAL SCIENCE EXAM -- You will be provided with a periodic table and scratch paper. What you need - a chrome book (get a loaner if needed), a NON-GRAPHING calculator (See me for a loaner if needed), and a writing utensil -------------------- Seniors will be taking the exam in the Cafeteria with Mrs. Flores as the proctor.

Tues. 6/4 - Work on balancing ----------------- HW - Wksht - balance equations #1 - 25

Please take anonymous survey

Wed. 6/5 - Work on balancing

Thurs. 6/6 - 8:05 - 9:15 - UNDERCLASS SCIENCE FINAL EXAM - You will be provided with a periodic table and scratch paper. What you need - a chrome book (get a loaner if needed), a NON-GRAPHING calculator, and a writing utensil --------------------


Period 1 Honors Chemistry - Room 215 - Mrs. Heffelfinger

Period 2 Honors Chemistry - Room 1109 - Mr. Rosello

Period 3 CP Chemistry - Room 1004 - Mrs. Sanchez

Period 5 CP Chemistry - Room 125 - Mr. Brewer

Period 6 Honors Chemistry - 1008 - Mrs. Reick

ALL TEXTS MUST BE DROPPED OFF IN ROOM 245!!! Your text number must MATCH the recorded number in order to be accounted.

Final Exam Vocabulary Review

FInal Exam Problem Review

Enjoy your summer!!!

Just an FYI - it will soon become public knowledge that I have decided to retire. Academically, it has been a fairly good year; so that, in conjunction with some other factors have led me to make this decision. If you had requested me to write a recommendation, I will do that, but have been instructed by guidance not to upload them until the end of July. Naviance going through a rollover or something to that effect. I wish everyone a successful junior/senior year! And, I hope to make it to some of the athletic and other events at OJR where I might run into you. Sincerely, Mr. Garman
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