2018-19 Honors Chemistry 02 Pd. 2
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Welcome to Honors Chemistry for the 2018 – 2019 school year. Chemistry is an exciting yet very challenging branch of the physical sciences. After all, there is a reason chemistry is referred to as the central science. Hopefully, the course will provide you with the basics of chemistry as well as the role chemistry plays in everyday life.

Rules for Behaving in Class - Rules of Behavior

Academic Policy

Some information on Graphing

Some Computerized Graphing Information

Insight on Writing a Laboratory Report

Whenever you are entering the laboratory, working with chemicals, glassware, heat {flames, burners, or hot plates, etc.}, proper laboratory attire is REQUIRED!!

Companion site for Wiley textbook - check it out for some step by step help - type/copy this into your address bar - http://bcs.wiley.com/he-bcs/Books?action=index&bcsId=4273&itemId=0470120940

NEED HELP - Hours I will be available most days: From Aug. 27 to November 7 - Monday - Thursday - 6:45 a.m. to 7:25 a.m. and after school by prior agreement (see me) and Friday 7:00 a.m. - 7:25 a.m. and after school by prior agreement (see me). After Nov. 8 and before March 11 - Monday - Thursday - 6:45 a.m. to 7:25 a.m. and after school most days (contact preferred) and Friday 7:00 a.m. - 7:25 a.m. and after school usually (contact preferred). March 12 through May 31 see the fall schedule above. Note: I coach soccer in the fall and softball in the spring.

Computerized Assessments - If you would like to, or need to, see what questions or problems you got incorrect on a quiz or assessment, please schedule an appointment with me and we can go over them. Thanks!

Computerized Assessments - If your computer, internet connection, or on-line system is questionable, it is STRONGLY recommended you take all on-line assessments on a school computer sometime throughout the day!!!!! If your home/personal system shuts down, you will receive the grade earned to that point of the assessment.

PERIOD ONE (1) CLASSES - If a TEST falls on a Monday, Wednesday, or Friday; students may start the test at 7:25 if they choose to do so by arriving early.

All QUIZZES and FORMATIVE ASSESSMENTS are; located at the bottom of the class webpage.

Note: FORMATIVE quizzes and assessments are designed to provide you, the learner, with feedback on your knowledge and skills. Do I, should I, study more, do more problems, etc. They DO NOT count towards your grade (will not be entered into SKYWARD). Make sure when taking a graded assessment, it is the correct one (not a FORMATIVE one). Names of graded assessments will generally match between what is in the agenda and listed at the bottom of the page!

Tentative Agenda - subject to change

First Laboratory Observations and Critique –

1) Open sink faucets slowly. Do not open or close faucet with glassware under spigot.

2) Do not set glassware on sink ledges.

3) Keep glassware back from edges of the laboratory bench.

4) Return chemicals to storage areas immediately after obtaining your chemical. Only dispense chemicals at your lab bench.

5) Clean – up : Green scrubbies for glassware; dish detergent bottles contain concentrated glassware cleaner (use 3-4 drops per item); sponges are for cleaning the laboratory bench; hand soap for your hands.

6) Goggles are placed “face down” on shelf in sterilizer cabinet


8) Open and close lab drawers with control!. Lab drawers should always be closed unless removing or returning equipment/glassware

9) All chemical containers should be capped unless in the act of removing chemical from the container



Lab balances are returned by staggering bases wide and narrow.

TEST INFORMATION - When you arrive, place backpacks, purses, books, gym bags, etc. at the front of the room. The only thing at your seat should be a writing utensil, eraser, calculator (when applicable), and test. Make sure you get the correct test copy for your row of seats!!! When SCANTRONS are used, record the test copy on your SCANTRON answer sheet. Always bring a #2 pencil in case SCANTRON is used. ALWAYS read and follow the test directions!!!! Work efficiently and use good test taking skills. Please note, I issue a standard set of regular scientific calculators for all assessments involving math when deemed appropriate.

Thurs. 4/25 - Introduce Ch. 5 - REDOX ------------ Oxidation and reduction ------------------ PPT Notes

NOTE: I have been granted a postponement in regards to jury duty. So, I will see you tomorrow.

Mon. 4/29 - Oxidation numbers ----------------- HW Pg. 242 #5.1 - 5.5 and Pg. 243 #5.29 - 5.36

Tues. 4/30 - Redox reactions

Wed. 5/1 - Redox reactions cont'd ---------------------- HW - Pg. 242 #5.6 - 5.10 and Pg. 243 5.43 ALL, and redox prob.

Thurs. 5/2 - Oxidizing/non-oxidizing acids

Fri. 5/3 - I will not be in school today. Please complete all assigned work for Monday. And, do a quality job. QUIZ - Oxidation numbers ----------------------- Practicing Redox reactions

Mon. 5/6 - LAB - Why so Many Beakers A typed lab report is due on Friday, May 10, to include: Name(s), Date performed, Title; Purpose; Data table (See table in lab as ex.); Responses to All Questions and Conclusion

Tues. 5/7 - Single displacement reactions ---------------- HW - Wksht Redox Rx'ns - Do #1 - 5

Wed. 5/8 - QUIZ - Redox reactions --------------- Oxygen as an oxidizing agent

Thurs. 5/9 - Disproportionation reactions -------------------- Redox stoichiometry ------------------ HW - Wksht on Redox Stoichiometry # 1 - 5 ONLY. NOTE: In #2, there should be no coefficient in front of S4O6-2

Fri. 5/10 - Redox stoichiometry ----------------- HW - Problems 6 - 10 on Redox stoichiometry wksht and wksht on single displacement reactions

Mon. 5/13 - QUIZ - Redox reactions II -------------------- Review HW

Tues. 5/14 - KEYSTONES - Pds. 1 & 2 - QUIZ - Redox Stoichiometry ------------------ Wksht on oxidation numbers.

Wed. 5/15 - Unfortunately, I will not be in school today. KEYSTONES - Pd. 6 - QUIZ - Redox Stoichiometry ------------------ Wksht on oxidation numbers.

Thurs. 5/16 - TEST - Ch. 5 - Oxidation numbers/states; Redox reactions - equations, balancing, etc.; single replacement reactions and activity series; oxygen as an oxidizer including reactions; oxidizing/non-oxidizing acids; redox stoichiometry, etc. -------------------- Study Guide

Fri. 5/17 - Planck's quantum theory --------------------- PPT Notes

Mon. 5/20 - Review last test -------------------- Complete Planck and Q.T. ------------------- HW - Wksht on energy, wavelength and frequency

Tues. 5/21 - LAB - 1/2 period - Precipitation Reactions -----------A TYPED lab report is due Tuesday, 5/28 - To Include: Name(s), date performed, and Title; Purpose; Data table; Conclusion is just the BALANCED ionic chemical equation for those reactions that actually occurred (formed a precipitate). Use the subscript and superscript function on your computer!!!! For WORD - subscript is ctrl and +/= keys; superscript is ctrl, shift, and +/= . For example: 2 Fe+3(aq) + 3 SO42-(aq) --------------> Fe2(SO4)3(s) . -------- Photoelectric effect

Wed. 5/22 - Atomic spectra --------------------- Bohr's atomic model ------------------- HW - WKsht #2 on lambda, nu, and energy - ODD NUMBERS ONLY!!!!!!

Thurs. 5/23 - QUIZ - wavelength and frequency ---------------- Complete Bohr's atomic model

Fri. 5/24 - WHAT!!! NO SCHOOL??????????

Mon. 5/27 - Happy Memorial Day! -- Enjoy the day.......

Tues. 5/28 - QUIZ - energy, wavelength, and frequency -------------- Heisenberg and deBroglie

Wed. 5/29 -- Postponed to Thursday - QUIZ - Bohr, Atomic Spectra ------------------- See activity ----------------- Schrodinger, orbitals, quantum numbers

Thurs. 5/30 - QUIZ - Bohr, Atomic Spectra ------------- Aufbau and electron configuration

Fri. 5/31- Electron configuration

NOTE: See Canvas for Additional FORMATIVE ASSESSMENTS!!

Mon. 6/3 - QUIZ - Bohr Atom & Spectra - on-line from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. -------------------------- Complete notes on Ch. 7

Please take anonymous survey

Tues. 6/4 - Complete Ch. 7 notes. Final Exam prep.

Wed. 6/5 - QUIZ - electron configuration ------------------ Final exam preparation

Thurs. 6/6 - 8:05 - 9:15 - UNDERCLASS SCIENCE FINAL EXAM - You will be provided with a periodic table and scratch paper. What you need - a chrome book (get a loaner if needed), a NON-GRAPHING calculator, and a writing utensil --------------------


Period 1 Honors Chemistry - Room 215 - Mrs. Heffelfinger

Period 2 Honors Chemistry - Room 1109 - Mr. Rosello

Period 3 CP Chemistry - Room 1004 - Mrs. Sanchez

Period 5 CP Chemistry - Room 125 - Mr. Brewer

Period 6 Honors Chemistry - 1008 - Mrs. Reick

ALL TEXTS MUST BE DROPPED OFF IN ROOM 245!!! Your text number must MATCH the recorded number in order to be accounted.

Final Exam Vocabulary Review

Final Exam Concept List

JR - One last bit of humor.......

There was a man who entered a local newspaper's "pun" contest. He sent in ten puns in the hope that at least one of the puns would win.

Unfortunately, no pun in ten did!!

Enjoy your summer!!! May the atoms, ions, and molecules be with you!!!!!!!!!!!

Just an FYI - it will soon become public knowledge that I have decided to retire. Academically, it has been a fairly good year; so that, in conjunction with some other factors have led me to make this decision. If you had requested me to write a recommendation, I will do that, but have been instructed by guidance not to upload them until the end of July. Naviance going through a rollover or something to that effect. I wish everyone a successful junior/senior year! And, I hope to make it to some of the athletic and other events at OJR where I might run into you. Sincerely, Mr. Garman
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