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Catonsville High School  
American Government

Rules and Procedures
How to Succeed in Mr. E’s Class


1)  You will be expected to maintain an organized notebook.  This notebook should have
      3 separate sections entitled:   Drills

2)  Drills and vocabulary will be done everyday, immediately upon entering the classroom.
      When you enter the classroom you quietly begin the drill and copy the vocabulary words.
      You are to keep drills and vocabulary in their appropriate sections in your notebook
      and be prepared to turn them in at anytime.

3)  Homework will be given Monday through Thursday.  This homework will be checked
      for both completion and accuracy.  Homework will not be accepted late.

4)  Attendance and class behavior will be a factor in your grade.  Being in school and
      participating in class discussions and activities are requirements for passing this class.

5)  All make-up work is your responsibility.  Make-up work will not be handed out or
      discussed during class time.  Please see me or a classmate before or after class.


Your grade will be based on the amount of points earned in several different categories.
Each category is worth a specific percent of your total grade.

   Classwork (including participation, drills/vocabulary, and notebook)---40% of total grade
Attendance----------------------------------------------------- 10% of total grade
   Tests/Quizzes/Projects/Reports ---------------------------------------------30% of total grade
   Homework---------------------------------------------------------------------20% of total grade

100%-90% = A
89%-80%  =  B
79%-70%  =  C
69%-60%  =  D
59%-0%    =  E

Class Rules

1)  Respect yourself, classmates, and instructor at all times.
2)  Be in your seat when the bell rings completing drills and vocabulary.
3)  No eating or drinking in classroom.
4)  Absolutely no swearing or unwanted physical contact.


If students choose to disrespect themselves and fellow classmates by not observing class
rules,  they have chosen to face the consequences of such behavior.

1)  Warning
2)  Stay after class and discuss action with teacher (phone call home)
3)  After school detention (1-2 hours)
4)  Sent to administration

Class Discussions/Group Work

Because of the subject material and class format there will be many occasions when discussion, debate, and learning within a group will be required.  Students will be expected to observe the following rules:
1)  when in a designated discussion, do not interrupt fellow classmates and/or
2)  maintain respect for yourself, classmates, and instructor at all times.
3)  when working in groups, each group member must participate in activities
4)  absolutely no personal attacks or comments
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