egpeap2 Ms. Jessie
United Arab Emirates University EAP Level 2 Instructor
Dear EGP/EAP 2 Students,

Here are some fun activities for you to use while you study for your exams. I hope you find them helpful in reviewing vocabulary and grammar. Just click on the links for the units and topics that you want to review below.

Send me an e-mail if you like to let me know what you think about these activities.


Ms. Jessie
My Quia activities and quizzes
NorthStar Basic Unit 1
Review games for Unit 1 Vocabulary (for EAP 2 students)
NorthStar Basic Unit 2-- Vocabulary
Review games for Unit 2 vocabulary
NorthStar Basic Unit 3-- Vocabulary
Review games for Unit 3 Vocabulary
NorthStar Basic Unit 4-- Vocabulary Review
Review Games for Unit 4 Vocabulary
NorthStar Basic Unit 7-- Vocabulary
Review games for Unit 7 Vocabulary
NOrthStar Basic Unit 8-- Vocabulary Review
Review games for Unit 8 Vocabulary
NorthStar Basic Unit 9
Review games for Unit 9 Vocabulary
Review of Simple Past and Simple Present
Multiple choice quiz for simple present/simple past tense
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