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Egyptian Art Web Quest

To start, open a Microsoft Word docuement and copy these questions or print this Page so that you can write your answers down.  If you would like you can even write the questions down on a piece of paper.  Answer each question with a complete sentence.  You may use a search engine such as Yahooligans, Infoseek, Jeeves, or Searchopolis to help you find the answers to these questions.  Make sure that you read each question carefully and look for good key words to begin your search.  If you have difficulty finding an answer, you may want to use one of the links in the favorite sites section. Good luck!

On which continent is Egyptian art made on?

Describe what hieroglyphs are?

Where are the Great Pyramids located?  What else can be found near the Great Pyramids?

Why were the people who actually built the Great Pyramids not allowed to be buried there.

The great spinx is half ____________ and half __________.

The ancient Egyptians used the pyramids to ______.

Why were the people who actually built the Great Pyramids not buried there.

Who is Osiris and why is he important?

What is King Tuts' full name and where was his tomb discovered?

How is a mummy different than a mommy?

What does a canopic jar hold?

Find an Egyptian Artwork that you like.  List its name and three characteristics about it.
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