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East Hanover Middle School Grade 7 Math Teacher
Welcome to East Hanover Middle School Grade 7 Web Page.

If you are have five school days in which to make up your work.  Check your class to see the assignments for the past week or check with Mr. P. upon your return.

NOTE:  Checking this web page does not take the place of writing the assignment down in your agenda or checking with me to be sure you have completed all missed work.  This page is only updated time permitting.  Always be sure all missed assingments, quizzes, and tests are made up within five (5) school days.

              -Brain Strain Winners-


Kyle H.   Nick Y.    Jenienne L. Kerry A. Chris C.
Stacey R. Marissa L. Anthony M.  Chris S. Anthony D.

Stokes trip April 17-19

This WebPage is still being created.  New sections are being added all the time.  Visit often to see what's new!
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