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South Broward High School Economics, AP Gov't, World History H & G
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More will follow soon. Meanwhile, check your syllabus for current and upcoming assignments. All students should have a textbook and can keep up with the curent reading if absent.
' Bye- Mrs. E.

Economics: Try the suggested website for the Florida Stockmarket Simulation to access other websites such as stock symbol search and Bigcharts. This will help you research stocks to "buy". You also might want to look at the JA Biz Quiz.

World History: As you work on your EXPLORE project may I suggest you try some of the websites given below . You can just click on them to get immediate access, then explore within sites like the Internet Medieval Sourcebook to get the Ancient History Sourcebook and Modern History Sourcebook. These have the primary source journals of many early explorers, conquors and pilgrims.
Or try it from the other direction by finding modern tours of places where heros traveled and battled, like Napoleon or King Arthur via Oldcountrytours.
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