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It's spring, and the race is on for the Great American Mail Race! Congratulations to Patrick, Hannah, Audria, and Raquel. These students received the first snail mail letters from Virginia, New Mexico,and Hawaii.

Students researched three different schools in states other than Texas. It was like a mini-vacation to Hawaii, Alaska and all our states! Students virtual-toured the schools and made their choices.

Enthusiasm is contagious. I am awarding cash prizes for the first letter received in each class and the most letters received. My cover letter is included with the student's letter. It explains the race and how that language arts class can help my students.  
After reading Katherine Paterson's novel, Jacob Have I Loved, we've moved on to Night. This book is Elie Wiesel's true story of his experiences in Nazi concentration camps during World War II.  

Nobel laureate Wiesel attempts to find meaning in the horror of the Holocaust.  Consumed with guilt for surviving the genocidal campaign that took his family, this teenage boy questions how a God he once so fervently believed in would allow such monstrous events to happen.  No easy answers are found in this novella that examines life's riddles.  Night marks Wielsel's first step in his lifelong project to bear witness to those who died.

Fact and opinion, cause and effect, main idea, and supporting examples are a few of our reading studies this nine weeks.

New Dates to Remember:

Eighth Grade Awards' Night; May 10
Talent Show; May 24, the last day of school!
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