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Weaver Middle School  

Dialogue - Kapital 7B

Grüppen:  3 personen
         (1)  Mutter / Vater / oder andere Verwandte
         (2)  Tochter / Sohn
         (3)  Verkaüfer / Verkaüferin in einem Geschäft

Geschäft:  Bäcker / Metzger / Gemüsehändler

 Use the dialogue in your book at the beginning of 7B and the dialogue handout (Flori/Oma) as a model.

Each person in the dialogue should have a minimum of 3 - 4 lines of dialogue.

Situation:  Parent / Relative asks a son / daughter to go shopping for them.  They give them a list and tell them where to buy the items, and also give them money.

In the shop you ask for the items on your list that you can buy at that shop.  The handout dialogue is a good model for this part especially for the salesperson.

How you will be graded:

  Written copy of dialogue                         30 pts.
  Performance (dialogue must be memorized)     30 pts.
  Pronunciation                                     20 pts.
  Work in class                                     20 pts.

  Total possible                                    100 pts.

This will count as a test grade!

You will be given 20-30 minutes of class time on Wednesday and Thursday to write and practice you dialogues.  Use your time wisely.  Ask for help.  Performance is on Friday.  Written copies are to be handed in when you perform your dialogue.

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