Just before we visit the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial, we stop along Constitution Ave and visit the National Academy of Science's Einstein Statue.  A fun aspect of this memorial is that you are permitted to climb all over it!!!  Just don't pick Einstein's nose!  Use the Einstein link below to answer the following questions...(Rewrite the questions or use full sentences.)

1.  On what date was the memorial unveiled?  Why??
2.  What is Einstein sittin on?  What kind of granite?
3.  How much does it weigh? What is the height?
4.  What is on the paper in Einstein's left hand? (3 things)
5.  Rewrite one of Einstein's quotes that are engraved on
    the bench.
6.  What is embedded in the emerald pearl granite at the
    monument's base?
7.  Who was the scultpor of the memorial?  What other
    sculpture is he know for?
8.  Click on Albert Einstein in the fourth word of
    the reading.  Describe what you feel are the 5 most
    important aspects of Einstein's life.  Use 5 FULL
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