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There will be a weekly vocabulary quiz which you will need to take online. You may take it in the classroom,  at home, the library, the B 1 Lab or any other place you have access to a computer. A record of each of your sessions will be kept and used as part of your grade. Other assignments will also be accessible only on the internet. They will be done as homework and will be announced in class. You will need to use your vocabulary list from October 23. It is given below if you do not have it with you.
  • One, Two, Three, Boy Meets Girl Vocabulary List
    Prefixes and Roots (List 1)
    Below are roots and prefixes. A root is a meaningful unit in English. It may appear at any position of a word. It may have prefixes or suffixes (letters added to the end of a word which alter its meaning.  A prefix is added to the beginning of a word to change themeaning of the word. Use this list of prefixes and their meanings to help you learn new words.
  • Prefix or Root;   Meaning;    Examples
  • mono, un (i, e, o); one;            uniform, united, monogamy, monotheism
  • bi, di (du);           two;             bicycle, biweekly, digamy
  • tri, poly;            three, many;   tricycle, triple (3) polyglot (many)
  • anthrop(os);        man, mankind;  anthropology,  misanthrope
  • gyne (c);           woman;          gynecology, misogynist
  • philo(s);             love;            philosophy, philanthropy
  • gamy;               marriage;         monogamy, poligamy
  • mis(os);            hate;              misogyny, misanthrope
  • -ology;             study, science of; anthropology, misology
  • di(os), the(os);    god              polytheism, theology deity
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