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This class page is designed to help you locate internet resources related to the current elections.

Go down to "Useful Links".  Click on the specific address and off you go.

Since we will be discussing political campaigns in class every Thursday, you will find it useful to frequently visit these sites and keep up with issues, candidates, and current events.

Here are the addresses and phone numbers for the Arlington County Republican and Democratic Headquarters. Links to their websites are listed below under "Useful Links."

      Arlington County Republicans
      405 S. Glebe Road
      Arlington, VA  22204

      Arlington County Democrats
      4620 Lee Highway  Suite 214
      Arlington, VA  22207

There is also a Quia Activity which I created to help you learn about the current presidential candidates and vocabulary relating to the election.  Try your hand at these activities and be ready for discussions and tests!

From time to time, I will update this page to include more activities and web addresses.
My Quia activities and quizzes
The 2000 Presidential Elections
Highlights of the Presidential Election
Useful links
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