electionproject Election 2000
North Syracuse Junior High School Mrs. Kurdziel & Mrs. Van Benschoten
Election 2000 Brochure Project

Required Brochure Assignment
* Student teams are required to complete the election
  on the topic chosen in class.
* One completed brochure per team is required.
* Brochure due on Thursday, October 26th.

Library and After School Days
* Mrs. Kurdziel's social classes will be in the Library on
  Tuesday - October 17th
* Presign passes to the Library and to the Career Center
  are available.
* After school help:
   Tuesday - Oct. 17th
   Wednesday - Oct. 18th
   Wednesday - Oct. 25th

REMEMBER: Mock Election 2000 at NSJHS is Oct. 24th

Brochure Directions
* Use the  Links below to complete your research.
Useful links
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