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I am sorry to say but LadyCat has died. This page will still be online and operational.
To vist her memorial, click here.

Lady's Chamber

<br> <bgsound src="edward1.mid" loop=infinite><br>

A bowl of cream waits

On the flagstone floor

A warm fire glows

Behind an ironbound door

Cream for the cats

A fire for the weary

The door to keep out

A day that is dreary

All are welcome

Who enter here

Make thyselves at home

There is naught to fear.

You find yourself standing in a circular chamber,
with doors branching off in many directions,
each one having a sign above it proclaiming
what you will find through the doorways.
The room you are in is empty,
except for a bowl of milk on the floor
and a table against one wall with a great book open upon it.
It is Lady's guestbook, read it and sign it and enjoy her site.
Come visit her at the Inn.

Ever Mind The Rule Of Three

              Three Times Your Acts Return To Thee

                This Lesson Well, Thou Must Learn

               Thou Only Gets What Thee Dost Earn


The Rail


You are visitor

since the twenty-fourth day
of the fourth month in the year nineteen ninety-eight.

Oh, the time passes so quickly when one is among friends.
wish you didn't have to go, but I know you have other
things to do...
come back again for tea and
conversation...we'll be here, in Lady's chamber.

Remember, whichever direction you are going...

to return to Lady's chamber you need only
turn around and
retrace your steps...
and I hope you will, often!

Blessed be!

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