elemlangarts Mrs. Studlack
Minersville Elementary Center Language Arts 5th/6th grades
Hello Everyone!

I am excited and a little bit sad to end the school year! I certainly look forward to spending time with my daughter this summer. I will also be taking some college classes that will better prepare me to work with some of you next year.

To all my 6th graders,
I will miss you and I really hope that you can find the time to visit me next year! I wish you all my best at the high school next year!

School is not quite over yet. Fifth graders will be writing persuasive letters to convince someone else of their particular point of view. We will also continue honing our language skills through related grammar exercises.

Sixth graders will be exploring story elements to create their own creative stories. I can hardly wait to read their stories and be transported to another place or time through their creative efforts. They too will continue to become expert grammarians by practicing their language skills daily.

I had a super year and enjoyed teaching each and every one of you!

I will keep in touch through this web site or you can contact me via my e-mail account at kelly831@hotmail.com

Mrs. Studlack
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