eleveneng Mrs. Brandt
Cooktown State School P12 English Teacher
Welcome back to Cooktown P-12.
This year is moving on very quickly, and we have a short term four to complete our work.

I am going to trial this method of communication with you as a class please use the email facility if you cannont find me at school as I am only there on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays.
I want to see you working very hard this term and I love good results that reflect hard work. You must have an A4 exersise book for class work, this will also be used for homework.

Monday 15th- We get together for the first time. We will need to establish an assessment timeframe for.Homework will be set and due in on thursday 18th.

Tuesday 16th I want to establish the marking of the first of three oral presentations. We need a sound room (Band Room?) and a tape recorder with  suitable acoustics to present and record the community profile assigment that you completed last term in small groups or alone. We will also discuss the art of public speaking.

Thursday 18th We are going to discuss editorial writing as a style and investigate samples of  editorial  writing. Just to hone your skills we will be writing short responses to stimulus situations 'Out of the Hat'.Homework due

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