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Good Afternoon Everybody.

Today you will read about Diet and Nutrition.  Then you will play a quiz game.  You can play this game with a partner.  Just follow the instructions

1.  Go to "Useful Links"  and click on the link to the web page for the PBS article on Diet and Nutrition. After you have read this, come back to this web page and do the next step.

2.   Go to "Quia Activities" and click on the "Challenge Board"  This is the quiz game that you can play with a partner.  You can both play on one computer.  Follow the directions.

3.  Try the next activity under "Quia Activities", What we eat...   This is a fill in the blanks activity.

4.  It may help to open 2 windows, so that you can have one window with the article and one window with the activitiy.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Diet and Nutrition Challenge
Play this quiz game with a partner!
What we eat
Fill in the blanks.
Useful links
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