eliteoilspill Ms. Struthers
North Whidbey Middle School  
Activity 1:
As a team, write a 5-6 paragraph paper answering the following questions.  Be sure to include a bibliogrpahy.
1.  What is crude oil and were does it come from?
2.  What useful products come from crude oil?
3.  What happens when crude oil spills into ocean water?
4.  What affects do tides and currents have on oil spills?
5.  How do oil spills impact wildlife?
6.  What methods are used to cleanup oil spills?

Activity 2
List the experts on your team in a word document.  Have each team member brainstorm and list the research needed to complete each job.

Activity 3
Complete basic research about your assigned port. 
1.  Where is it?  (Create a map)
2.  Create a basic community profile.
3.  Describe the bay.
4.  What kinds of marine life are present.
5.  What are the major industries in the area?
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