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We hear about authentic communication all the time, and how important it is for learning a foreign language.  But what is it?

Internet projects can be a powerful and motivating force for students to learn about and share information about other cultures; build projects that defy the geographical barriers of  cities, countries and continents; and use English for a purpose.

Good intentions and ideals are useful for collaborative projects such as e-mail, Kid Link and others...but careful planning and preparation for avoiding the inevitable pitfalls and problems will help you and your students be successful.

Visit the links, and see how to organize projects, what type of projects are available and some of the resources to start.

Take a chance, try something new and watch how your class is transformed into a part of something much larger than what all of you see before your eyes.

And remember! The best way to start a project is to search on your own...
Useful links
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