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Hi everyone!
This is the place to start defining which internet project you would like to work on.

But, first--check out this site.  
This is one of the easiest "interfaces" to use to create activities for your class, post notes, have students work on various exercises--and even more fun, have students make up exercises.
But is this realizing the full potential of the Internet?

Depending on your interests and skills, I'd like to propose three types of projects for you to choose from for the next stage of your internet journey:

1. Starting out
If you feel that you would like to have your students explore the power of the internet more through conducting research or web quests--with you learning more along with them--then I suggest you focus on evaluating web sites.  See the links below.

2. Getting it together
If you feel that you are ready to create a class web, where you and your students will communicate about your work, post notices, leave messages, find assignments, post assignments and make web pages, newspaper, and more--then I suggest you focus on creating a class web.  See the links below.

3. Going Authentic
If you feel you are ready to expose your students to authentic communication, and you are ready to manage a larger collaborative project, such as an e-mail exchange, or inter-school project--then I suggest you focus on collaborative projects.  See the links below.
Useful links
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