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Welcome to the Elliott School Japanese Diagnostic Exam homepage at The George Washington University. The series of diagnostic tests below gauge your general vocabulary/grammar/functional knowledge and reading skills to help you determine whether additional language study is needed prior to taking the Japanese Language Proficiency exam.

Step 1
Create a free Quia account. To do this, go to the Quia Web site. Click the link labeled "Create my free account." Fill out the form that appears. Select "Student" as the account type. Record or memorize your username and password. When you are done, press the "Create my account" button. You should now be in your account information page. Type in the class code BRJHAP763 at the bottom of the page and press the "Add class" button. Now you're done! Come back to this page and read the instructions below.

Step 2
Read the following instructions carefully.

• You will be given 1 hour to complete the first test and 45 minutes to complete the second. You may take a break between the two if you like.

• DO NOT receive assistance from anyone else to answer any of the exam questions. This exam must be a reflection of your own knowledge of the Japanese language.

• DO NOT consult any materials, including dictionaries and textbooks, or make use of any other pedagogical aids while taking this exam.

Step 3
Now take Level 2 Test from the links below. You have 40 minutes to complete the test. When you are done, print out the scores (percentage). If you forget to or cannot print out the score at this point, do not worry. With your username and password, you can always go back to your account page and print out the scores.

Step 4
Consult the information below for the next step.

• If your score on Level 2 Test is below 30%, take Level 1 Test, and follow the guidelines below.

• If your score equals or exceeds 30% but is below 65%, take Japanese 2004.

• If your score equals or exceeds 65%, take Level 3 Test, notify Professor Hamano (hamano@gwu.edu) to get the short-answer and essay questions graded, and follow the guidelines below.


Level 1 Test

Level 2 Test

Level 3 Test


Your score

is below 30%

is below 30%


Japanese 1001

is below 60%

Japanese 1002

equals or exceeds 60%

Japanese 2003


equals or exceeds 30% but is below 65%

Japanese 2004

equals or exceeds 65%

is below 30%

Japanese 3105

equals or exceeds 30% but is below 60%

Japanese 3106

equals or exceeds 60%

Keep studying on your own. You may be ready for the proficiency exam.

• Check Elliott School's Proficiency Levels to see what level is required to satisfy your requirement.
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