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Wells Middle School 6th Grade Core
This is an update for the the past few weeks as well as a preview of what students will be doing in class through the end February, which is when I will be returning from my "maternity" leave.

Students have recently begun learning about the development of early societies (ch. 5 in the history books). They will learn how and why early humans stopped wandering from place to place and finally settled down and formed civilizations. Students will also learn about one of the first early civilizations, Mesopotamia (ch. 6).

Students are currently working on speeches. They are delivering short speeches in language arts and, shortly, they will be giving longer oral book reports. In addtion, students will be busy writing essays, reviewing the use of quotation marks, revisiting grammar rules, and writing creatively.

We have just begun the novel Maroo of the Winter Caves and should be busy with that for the next 4 weeks or so. After that we will return to the literature book and read some more short stories.

I will update you further upon my return.

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