elobito Mr. Rivera
Holyoke Public Schools Spanish Reading for Bilingual Students
                  VEN Y PIDE UN DESEO

Unidad: Pide un deseo
Cuento: Elobito

                   Bienvenidos Todos

This week's schedule:

Monday, June 4

  Story introduction, main characters & vocabulary pp.20   

Tuesday, June 5

  Read & do comprehension questions pp. 21-25
  Analyze story elements.

Wednesday, June 6

  Read & do comprehension questions pp. 26-33

Thursday, April 15

  Reading review, evaluate authors purpose & point of view.

Friday, June 7

  Lesson review through quia activities.

My Quia activities and quizzes
Spanish synonyms
Prefixes in Spanish
Preguntas de comprension del cuento Elobito.
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