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NOV. 10: NEW ACTIVITY - HANGMAN. Review your First Paso vocabulary on page 107. Then go to the link at the bottom of this page which will take you to the HANGMAN game. Be sure and play through all 20 words.

Nov. 8/9 Chapter 3 test.  BE SURE AND STUDY!!

PROJECT:  The following is the instruction outline for the project.  Please note that presentations will be done from memory and no notes will be allowed.  You may tape the commercial only outside of class.  All other sections will be presented in front of the class. This is a major grade and will be used for the oral part of your final as well as an individual grade for the six weeks.  Each member of the group must present an equal amount of Spanish as each student will be graded individually. LAS NOTICIAS DEL MUNDO PROYECTO de ESPAÑOL 2 3rd Sixth Weeks 1. This project will be done in groups of 4 students.   The purpose of this project is to use the grammar and vocabulary we have learned this semester to create a newscast in Español.  You will graded based on the following: A. content B. props used C. creativity The entire presentation of this project will be done in Spanish. Requirements: 1. Choose 3 of the following topics to be covered in your newscast. A. Weather report- must include (1) a map with symbols of the different types of weather, (2)  information on the national weather,   (3) information on the local weather. B. News Items-  (1) You must use the internet to get current international news items about other countries.   (2)  Include local news items, for example, Texas, Houston, Tomball.  The news must be factual not made up.  You will need to use the preterit tense to talk about what happened. C.  Sports- Include information about (1) international sports as well as (2) local sports.  You may need to use the internet here too.  You may want to have pictures of the sports events or sports figures you will talk about.   D. Fashion- information about the latest fashions.  You may have one of the members of the group model the clothes. E. Movie/Concert Review-  You would present a review of a movie or concert explaining what happened in the movie or concert and how you feel about it.  You may show a clip of the movie or play a short portion of the music heard in the concert. F. Interview- Interview a famous personality, i.e. the new president, or a famous hispanic personality, movie star, etc.  You will probably need to use the internet here as well. 2. Every news cast must include at least one commercial.  The commercial must be related to the vocabulary in Chapters 3, (reflexive verbs or household chores) or Chapter 4 (hobbies and pastimes) 3. It is important that you do a good job on this proyect.  This project will count twice, as a six weeks oral grade and as the oral part of the final semester exam. 4. Due date:  Tuesday-November 14  or   Wednesday- November 15


FOOD ACTIVITY PROJECT: You have received your instruction sheets on this project. Keep in mind it is a 2-phase project. The first phase is written and is due Dec. 7/8 (odd-even). You must turn in the following on that date as this will be the last major grade for the semester. I will be looking for the following in my evaluation of your project:

A. DICTIONARY CONTENT - covers all items; Spanish-English translations for all food items and verbs; categorized and arranged in alphabetical order; neatness and creativity in the illustrations; spelling and grammar.

B. RECIPE - the recipe should be a prepared dish of reasonable complexity that incorporates several ingredients (8-10) and must be entirely written in Spanish. Your instructions should be in the command form and you should use the verb selection from your dictionary for the food terminology. DO NOT JUST COPY A RECIPE FROM THE SPANISH. THIS WILL RESULT IN A "0" GRADE. Your interpretation of the recipe and your original writing is what the objective is in this part of the project. You should type out your recipe or else print it very neatly. Be sure and check all spelling and grammar. The recipe will be turned in at the same time as your dictionary and will be an integral part of the grade. Please let me know if you have any questions.
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