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What's on the Agenda*********************

**Complete Travel Brochure, create banner, write script and produce Video advertisement for your company. Check Rubric for requirements and grading. ***********************************************************

Welcome to Emerging Technology!!!!

Read the overview to get an idea of what is in store for you this semester.

Class Grading

1. Students will be given grades on each and every activity assigned on a weekly basis. Promptness and accuracy are the goals. For many activities, students will receive two grades.
2. There are no tests. However, school policy requires a final exam. There is a written final that students will take at the end of the semester. It will be a separate grade from the class activities. ***********************************************************


Newsletter Activity

Travel Brochure

Buying a Computer

Cyber Terms



Project Homepage

Stock Portfolio

Project Inspiration

Starting Your Own Business


Yummies Cookbook

My Quia activities and quizzes
Emerging Technology Final Exam Review
Final Exam Review
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