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Emmerich Manual High School  
Assignment for December 1, 2000:

Friday:  You will be taking the online quiz covering sections 3 and 4 in your text book.  You may use your notes.  You may take the test as many times as you like during the class period. I will average your grades to arrive at the final grade.  

I will be grading journals this weekend, so please make sure your journal is in the classroom before you leave school.

Your homework assignment is to complete the "American Profiles" activity on York.  Test will be on Monday or Tuesday of next week depending on the availability of the computer labs.  

Anyone wishing to have their grades emailed to them may send a request through my email link on this page.

Questions and answers for all activities are derived from Prentice Hall's Teacher Resource Guide for "America: Pathways to the Present" and are not intended for use or distribution except with/for my U.S. History classes.
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Chapter 4: Quiz for Section 3 and 4: session chapter 4: sections 3 and 4 quiz
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