eminem15 oh henry
yo, yo yo, wassup yall. hows it goin in da ghetto yo, sup. My name is eminem

i met a retarded kid named greg, with a wooden leg,       ed
it off and beat him with the peg, i begged for 3 kegs, i ate some eggs, i know 3 megs, and 2 gregs all they do is nag, they don't have wooden pegs, except for 1 greg, but i snacted it off, and beat him with the other greg. i ate some chineese food, i wasn'tin the mood, it was       and rood, so i bood, dude. it was crude.  i thought it was shrimp, but it was really a chimp, with a limp, it was no pimp.  i stole it, took it on the street, then i got beat, it was in some heat, i was treated like meat, i pulled out my weapon, it was a wooden spoon, i ate a loon, i am soon doomed.  my teacher is marking this, i don't wanther to dis, my sis, peace.  detroit what!!!! city of compton, LA, brooklyn baby.  Nelly fo sho

im goin down down baby, yo street in a range rover, street sweeper baby,     ed ready to let it go, shimmy shimmy coca puff, listen to me now.

i sit back with this pack of candy and this bag of this sweets that gives me the stuff needed to be, the most meanest student on this earth, and since birth ive been cursed with this curse that just curses.

straight outta calgary, crazy kid named bradily, from a gang called brothers actin madly.  actin kinda crazy, but really hes just lazy, his eyes are kinda hazy, hes a hetic electric diabetic. Mrs. Macdonald is my treacher, i thought she was a preacher, shes a computer teachaer, shes markest this so i gotta go, peace out.  

Math rules, as well as al the other subjects, as well as my family jewels. fools!!!
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