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You have just been hired as a consultant for a non-profit organization. Your job: to prepare a brief concerning the welfare of an endangered species and a recommendation to keep that animal from becoming extinct. There is not enough money to fund all animal projects; therefore, your report must be persuasive in order to obtain funding.
Project Overview
Your first job will be to research your animal. You can do this in many ways.
1. Books and periodicals in the library
2. Database and web pages on the Internet
3. Organizations which promote animal welfare
You will be allotted time during both science and English class to research your animal.
Areas of research
1. Appearance/physiology
2.  Habitat
   a. where they live
   b. breeding
   c. food and how they get it
   d. predators
3. Why is it endangered?
4. What is being done to prevent extinction?
Based upon your research, you must make a recommendation as to how extinction can be prevented. You must choose at least one of the following options and write a 5 paragraph persuasive brief explaining why your recommendations are necessary to your animal's survival. (Remember that funding for your project is contingent upon the persuasiveness of your brief!)

Options for recommendations:
#1 Captive Breeding and Reintroduction Programs
#2 Public Education Programs
#3 Stricter Laws for Animal Preservation
#4 Relocation of Species
#5 Wildlife Refuges

Upon completion, you will be creating a multimedia presentation of your animal and project to be presented to the board of directors.

No student will make a presentation until the brief is completed and notes have been turned in for a grade.


A.Find out some preliminary information using some of the following sources

1. Books in the library
2. Encyclopedias in the library
3. National Geographic in the library
4. Electric Library on the web
5. Infotrac on the web - if you have a Chicopee Public library card

Each student will be given a disk to save to. Disks are never to leave the building and will be kept by your teacher at all times. Under no circumstances will a student bring home a data disk and then bring it back to school. Students who dare do the fore-mentioned will suffer the wrath of Telecom as well as the administration in our building. In the interest of saving time we will format them together.
1. I would suggest creating a different Microsoft Word page for each area of research. This way when you hand in your notes, you will have them already done. You may copy and paste notes onto your disk. Notes from books will have to be word processed. You will not be able to use a word processor in the library and will have to type them onto your disk later.
2. You should also save any pictures that you find of your animal to be used in your powerpoint presentation. (This will save you time later)


C. Evaluate your findings

Read through your research and get rid of unnecessary information
Rearrange your facts so that they appear in an orderly manner
Can you draw any conclusions?

D. Develop thesis statement in favor of one of the preservation strategies

     List facts and details to support your opinion in order of least important to most important
      Choose three of your main support arguments and begin to list supporting details
     Create an outline following the 5 paragraph format

1. Write your introduction listing the three reasons why you think your program will work.
2. This paragraph is about the first reason that supports your thesis. Write a topic sentence which explains your reason, and then at least three detail sentences which thoroughly support that reason.
3. Do the same thing as in paragraph #2 only use the second reason.
4. Do the same thing as in paragraph #3 only use the third reason.
5. Write your conclusion. This must restate your thesis and be persuasive. Remember, it is the last impression that you are leaving your board of directors.

E. Revise and Edit your brief.
 Should your reasons be listed in a different order? If so cut and paste them.
 Is your brief persuasive? If not you had better add some persuasive words to it.
 Is your brief boring? The board of directors will turn it into a paper airplane if it is. You must make them want to read your brief.
 Are there any careless mistakes? Careless mistakes tell people that you do not care enough to make your brief error free. Too many and your project will be denied funding.

1. You must have a title page.
2. Please print a final draft of your brief.
3. First draft goes underneath
4. Outline
5. Notes

All must be stapled together in the above order to be considered for funding and/or a grade!!
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