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Project Description

Working individually and in small groups, students will research endangered and extinct species to gain an understanding of what causes extinction and what assists in survival.  After this information has been obtained, pairs of students will attempt to create a prototype of a species that could survive 500 years in the future.  The project will conclude with a report that organizes and analyzes the data and information gained through the research.  

Essential Question:

What survival characteristics do some species possess while other species become extinct?

Specific Questions:

What tools will you use to do your research?
How will you use the tools to do your research?
What is habitat?
What makes an animal endangered or extinct?
Does geographical location have a significant effect on survival versus extinction?
Does an animal's intelligence or size affect survival?
Is it possible to determine what animals may or will become extinct in the next few centuries?
How does man impact different species' survival?
Why did you make the decision to study the species you chose?
How will you graph the data you find?
What has been done, if anything, to protect the animal you chose?

5 A 1,2,3,5,7,8
10 B 2
10 C 2
A Task Performance

In this task, you are seeking an answer to the question…how do we convince state legislature not to permit damming of the Arkansas River in Colorado.

You are to represent the point of view or perspective that the river should not be dammed to prevent the destruction of animals’ natural habitat.

As such, you are expected to…
· research what is being proposed
· what will be the effects on the environment
· what species of plants and/or animals will be affected

You are then expected to …
· do a Hyperstudio presentation
· do a research paper
· do an oral report
· make a poster
· make a newsletter
· Email research results to interested parties

You will know you have successfully finished when…
· you have found evidence to support your position
· you have produced your final product

Challenges you may encounter are…
· understanding what a lobbyist is
· finding information
· coordinating group efforts
· deciding what the final product should be
· using software, (Hyperstudio, Internet)

Resources you can depend on are …
· books
· internet
· libraries
· experts

You will need…
· access to a Internet (AUP)
· journal
· any material specific to your final product

The final completion date is…
· three weeks from the start date

The Performance Actions
· Access (necessary information and skills) by …
· Ask specific questions about issue
· Gather facts about your specific questions, read, search the Internet, ask experts

Interpret by…
· Assessing information for facts that are most relevant to your opinion
· Analyze information gathered, categorize through graphs, charts and tables
· Compare and contrast the pros and cons of damming a river
· Evaluate-do the facts support your position?

Produce (or create) by …
· Generating a research paper, oral report, other presentation
· Make posters, newsletters, etc.
· Design posters, newsletters, etc.
· Send email of written report to interested parties

Communicate, Disseminate, or Use by …
· Sending email
· Discussing evidence to support position
· Present to class and to conservation groups, i.e. Colorado Legislature

Evaluate (the total endeavor) by …
· Judging how well they think they supported their position
· Planning to take action
· Ask the class to vote as legislators while applying the argument you presented
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