Sheridan Junior High School Lang. arts--9th grade
Can you believe it?  We are already at midterm for the second quarter.  In 3 short weeks we will begin Xmas vacation. Before vacation starts, we have lots of work to do.

First, we will complete one more vocabulary lesson.  This lesson includes 2 root words, so it is called lesson 4 and 5.  Students will test their knowledge of the 5 lessons on the semester test.

Secondly, we will complete our study of literature analysis by reading the short story "The Scarlet Ibis."  To read the story, the class will split up into groups with each group member assigned a job, such as discussion leader, summarizer, or connector.

Finally, before Xmas, I plan for the classes to work on complex sentences. 

After vacation, we only have a couple of weeks until finals.  Only 25 school days remain in this semester!
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