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Today you will be doing something that should be very easy for most of you. So you can thank me now or thank me later.

We studied thermal energy in class and know that thermal energy is wasted energy because it can not be converted back to kinetic or potential energy. You will figure out just how much gas energy is wasted in different tank sized cars by using the information about the MPG in different modeled cars found in 3rd web link)and the auto parts books provided to find the tank size of your model car. You will need to use the tank size and the MPG of ten cars of your choice to figure out what distance you can drive when provided with a certain amount of energy (gas).
Next you will compare your largest city MPG to your smallest city MPG and figure out the percent of energy you save with driving the car with the greatest MPG. You will then need to complete the handout provided with the distance traveled on a tank of gas for your ten problems and the percent of energy you save by driving a car with the greatest MPG. Lasty, you will need to click on "EPA" link ( 4th link), read the EPA summary and answer the critical thinking questions on the handout provided.

Things you need to do:
. Click on 3rd web link and find the MPG of ten vehicles
. Write data on handout provided and do calculations.
. Click on 4th web link and read EPA summary and answer
  critical thinking questions on the handout provided.
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