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Connors State College Division of Communications and Fine Arts
English 2123  Creative Fiction    Sharon Berry,instructor

This site will be updated on a daily basis.  It is the student's responsiblity in case of absence to check this site for any assignments and be prepared.

3-23 Yes, I'm back.  I will take up the poetry assignments on Fri. and we will begin discuss character development in a short story. See you tomorrow.For those of you who did not have one, summary 5 is due (late) on Mon. A worksheet on character development was assigned for Mon.

3-26 We discussed developing characters and giving them goals and obstacles.  They handed in the exercise given on Fri. An assignment was given.

3-28 Assignment was given and students began working on developing a character from their research done earlier in the semester.

3-30 Discussed story structure-Assignment is to develop a story opening no longer than 250 words which has a hook and answer all three questions discussed in handout

4-6 Students turned in the drafts of their story plus they listed 5 things they could add to create verisimilitude (authenticity), created an outline for the rest of the story line, and created three pieces of description, varying from 1-4 sentences of length,which could be inserted into the work thus far.This was also turned in.

4-11 Students evaluated each other's rough drafts for a class participation daily grade. For Mon. each student needs to turn in the following:  summary 7 and 10 submissions (typed) for the school's anthology

4-16 Turned in summary 7 and submissions for anthology. Rough draft of short story will be due as completed at the end of Friday's class

5-2,4 Students worked on a villanelle which was due at the end of today's class.  All summaries, assigned and extra credit, are due on the 11th as will be the final draft of your short stories.
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