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The Walker School English Language AP
Bless Me, Ultima essay
                            Due Thursday

One of the more difficult problems of the novel is discerning the meanings of the dream sequence.  Instead of hoping for an answer from me, I want you to begin to trust yourselves.  Your essay, due Thursday, 8/31, requires you to look at a dream in the novel and the events that lead to it.  Analyze the dream and discuss what it tells you about who Antonio is before the events that lead to the dream and what Antonio learns about himself or the world in his dream.  Do not look at the dream of his birth.  Look very closely at tone, language, symbols, and other rhetorical language.
Write about what you know.  Attack the vague question in the following ways:
1. Have a thesis that says what the dream tells you; not factually, but analytically
2. Have topic sentences that help you develop your idea
3. Choose partial quotes that help you develop your topic sentences
4. Check that the concluding sentences of your paragraphs are developed ideas
5. Cite properly
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