Rocky Gap High School English 8, 9, 12, AP
                  HOW TO EARN GOOD GRADES

For this class you will need only a ringed binder and loose-leaf paper.  The loose-leaf paper is required for tests, quizzes, essays, or any assignment to be turned in (paper ripped from spiraled notebooks will not be accepted).  The loose-leaf paper may also be used for daily assignments that are normally turned in at the end of a unit; these would be kept in the binder until the unit is completed.  The choice of pen or pencil will be left to you—unless it becomes clear that you should be writing with something that is erasable.

The unit assignments just mentioned will count 50% of your unit grade, while the test on that unit will count the other half.  (You can see that if you failed to turn in these assignments, you would fail for the unit even with 100 on the test.  On the other hand, were you to fail the test, completing the unit assignments would raise your grade to above passing.)  Obviously, the unit assignments are quite important!  They should be done neatly and according to the instructions given, and turned in on time.

In addition to these grades, your six-weeks’ average will include a weekly vocabulary test in which you will both spell and define a group of words.  Try your best on these because for a relatively small amount of study, you can improve your average greatly.  The five or six of these tests per grading period are averaged together to make up one major grade.

The six-weeks’ grading period may also include one major essay that will fall due approximately one week before the grading period ends.  While it may be difficult to earn an A on these, trying your best will most likely result in an acceptable grade.  Just be sure to listen carefully when instructions for this assignment are given.

Thus, in a given six weeks, you will likely have two unit tests, two unit assignment grades, the grade for the vocabulary average, and the essay grade—for a total of six major grades.  All of these grades, then, are important to your earning the best six-weeks’ average possible.  Let’s all have a great year!


Attendance Incentive

     In an effort to improve attendance,  I offer the following incentive:

     3 POINTS -  added to 6 weeks’ grade for perfect attendance
                       during the grading period

     2 POINTS -  added to 6 weeks’ grade for missing only one day
                       during the grading period

     1  POINT -  added to 6 weeks’ grade for missing only two days
                      during the grading period

     This offer is separate from whatever attendance policy the school may go with this year. For the reward described here, there are NO EXCUSED ABSENCES, not even for verified illness or other reasons.  (If you are involved in club, sport, or other activities which have tended to take you out of class,  please speak with these sponsors, coaches, and others whom you might encourage to avoid such practice wherever possible.)
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